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Sometimes innovation comes to life from a single spark of imagination that's passionately pursued. The food-meets-science experiments of Duane Thompson proved there was something special in aging green coffee in whiskey barrels.

Sometimes innovation comes to life from engaging with your community and collaborating with like-minded makers. We noticed something interesting happening at Captive Spirits in Seattle. Ben Capdeville and Holly Robinson, the creative minds behind the distillery, were aging award-winning gin in bourbon barrels.

We joined the conversation. For several weeks, we aged small-lot coffee in gin barrels that once held bourbon, hand-rotating the coffee to ensure the beans absorbed the essence of both spirits. We perfectly roasted the beans. The result is a coffee that starts with soft botanical notes before sighing back to the barrel with hints of oak, spice and caramel.

For us, this collaboration is an opportunity to both push the limits of our ongoing obsession with barrel aging and write our story into the history of flavors that rest within the grains of these barrels.