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Starbucks Reserve Rwanda Abakundakawa is a graceful coffee. Opening with floral aromatics, the coffee fills your palate with delicate notes of spiced orange and cinnamon before it deepens into a rich caramel quality and finishes with the buoyant acidity of fresh mandarin. As though underscoring the singular nature of this coffee, the community that brings it to life is nothing short of remarkable. Over half the members of the Abakundakawa Cooperative are women: a true rarity in the world of coffee. In an industry where women have historically been hidden figures, the women of Abakundakawa hold prominent roles of leadership, both culturally and in production.


Together, these women have transformed the role of coffee within their community. With strength and commitment to their cause and no small amount of grace, they have transformed what was once largely an agricultural commodity, into a vehicle of empowerment, identity and personal agency. As the quality of coffee within this cooperative continues to blossom so does the place of women within the Abakundakawa community. This tapestry is our humble attempt to celebrate the beauty of this exceptional coffee and the achievements of these remarkable women.