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Starbucks Reserve

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We're honored to open a Starbucks Reserve at our front steps. Our headquarters are nestled within a maze concrete viaducts and expansive landscapes. West of here, waterways stretch toward the ocean. East of here, rain-slick warehouses dot your field of vision.

We partnered with artists and designers to create an environment that gives physical presence to everything we believe in. Layers of discovery are slowly revealed as you move throughout the space. If you look up, you'll discover concentric arcs that echo topographical lines. Installed on the back wall are metal panels traced with copper staples and zigzagging stitches inspired by the weaving traditions of coffee-growing regions. A façade of shifting color appears as a looming mural from afar, but upon closer inspection, reveals hundreds of slightly slanted coffee cards. Here, artwork, architecture and our love of coffee converge.