Megan Margaret Oost 

Megan Margaret

Megan Margaret Oost is a copywriter in Seattle. She is skilled in creating multi-platform content that builds brands. Megan currently works in the Starbucks Creative Studio. She enjoys collaborating with other creative professionals to create visual and written storylines that amplify one another, breathing life into project briefs, metaphors, similes, deadlines, and unearthing new projects.

  1. Starbucks Creative Studio
  2. Nordstrom
  3. Packaging 
  4. Film 
  5. Naming 
  6. Social 
  7. Seasonal Campaigns  
  8. Narrative Writing  

Selected Projects 


Starbucks Reserve Papua New Guinea Solwara

Starbucks Reserve Papua New Guinea Solwara
Cedary spice aromas with lingering, sweet flavors of orange and plum

In the grassy highlands of eastern Papua New Guinea, clusters of coffee plants grow in valleys surrounded by mountains, shaded by silk trees and evergreens. With a scarcity of roads and infrastructure, these coffee gardens are difficult to reach, and the distance between them can seem immense. Under these formidable conditions, Ferro Yasona is finding a way to accomplish the impossible. He proactively reaches out to smallholder growers, building relationships, educating, transporting their coffee and orchestrating its production. Solwara, a word that means “salt water,” reflects Ferro’s desire to source and process coffee across the country, from one coast to another. Thanks to his extraordinary efforts, wild coffee cherries from remote locations are transformed into something magical. This cup mesmerizes with cedar aromas and spice. 
Starbucks for Life 2019 

Starbucks for Life has been a Starbucks holiday tradition since 2016. Since it first launched we’ve seen customer engagement that increases year over year.

This season we transported our customers to a world of exuberance, color, and joy. Meet a crew of characters prepping for a holiday season packed with RSVPs. The mold of cranberry sauce is ready to jiggle to the beat of the bass and our glamorous reindeer is pulling out all the stops, and the neon eyeliner. 

Concept development and copy 

Starbucks Reserve Instagram 
Vietnam Da Lat Coffee Story 
Concept development, set design, and copy 





01. Vietnam Da Lat is almost here. It’s a coffee that defies expectations and delights the taste buds. Stay tuned for a closer look.
02. From the cool and mist-covered pine forests of Vietnam's Central Highlands—a region that has recently gained recognition for its exceptional terroir—comes a remarkable coffee we’re proud to share.

03. How does Vietnam Da Lat make it to your cup? The journey requires extraordinary effort and dedication.
04. Vietnam Da Lat coffee grows alongside evergreens, rose bushes and fragrant orchids. It's no surprise it enchants the senses.
05. Our favorite way to enjoy Vietnam Da Lat? We love brewing it in a Chemex, a technique that highlights its clean, bright flavors.
06. Anchored by the city of Da Lat—nicknamed "The City of Eternal Spring"—the serene environment of the Lam Dong Province brings this exceptional coffee to life. Stop by select Starbucks Reserve bars and Roasteries to experience Vietnam Da Lat for yourself.